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I write sexy stories. Captain’s Companion is available for preorder. This is the second book in the Sexy Sinivite series.

If you want to know more about the Sinivite culture, check out Prospecting where Cade is a miner who is tired of sex bots (Sexy Sinivite series button below).

I love to tell stories and hope you enjoy the ones I tell. All my stories have sex, some have triggers like rough sex, bondage, and other less than polite topics. You’ll find reverse harem, scifi, and contemporary stories on my pages.

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Ava Taylor

Claimed Series

His Claim
Her scent draws him to her, stirring Drake’s blood and soul to act in the old ways of domination.  Drake catches the warrior Sabine unaware as she showers in her own home.  Driven by the old instincts, he demands her submission.  Initially unwilling, Sabine submits to his demands and her own desires until he makes his claim.  Once he’s claimed her, she makes her own demands much to his delight. 

Her Claim
Drake claimed Sabine six months ago.  The claiming drew them to sensual delights neither wanted to resist. His lady, Drake can’t resist her body, her mind or her power. Her desires draw him back even as her belly grows with his child.  Boldly, she claims him, demands they be equal.  He submits to her claim eager to satisfy her every need..

Lay Claim
Available on KU free
Combination of two stories.

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Close Encounters Series

Alien Seduction
Tall half dressed and delicious, Calla’s rescuer has more in mind than fixing her car. Fornus is not from here but he finds his mate in Calla.

Cat Fight
Catrina can’t fight her primal needs when she goes into heat. Derek is happy to dominate Cat but he wants to win her heart as well as her body.

Close Encounters of the Intimate Kind
Available on KU
Combination of two stories

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Sexy Sinivites Series

No more sex bots for Cade.

As the top prospector, he negotiates a live sex companion to be part of his next contract. Cade get his sex companion and a whole lot more.

Sheridan considers herself a sex toy.

She’s committed to a five your contract which means she must satisfy all Cade’s fantasies. Sheridan’s only concern is to help her family, until Cade’s Sinivite pheromones work their way into her senses.

Will Cade and Sheridan find more than precious materials while they’re prospecting?

Captain’s Companion – October 9, 2021
Ulrik has met his mate!

He hires Gwyn Meinen as his companion. Now he has three months to persuade her they have more than a business contract.

Gwyn is all business.

She was hired to satisfy all the needs of Captain Ulrik Tonason. To protect her heart, she sticks to the letter of her contract. Her contract includes organizing social activities, meals, and sex. But sex with her Sinivite captain and his pheromones is more than she bargained for.

Will Ulrik convince Gwyn there’s more between them than a contract?

Slave Series

Tired of walking around with a hard on, Liam buys two women, one for his crew and one for himself. Cilla, meant to satisfy his men, is willing and eager to earn her clothes. Velin, meant for Liam, is unwilling. Can Liam persuade her?

Her Slaves
Liam taught Velin the pleasures of sexual arousal and satisfaction. She still feared the pain of being forced. An encounter with Doc teaches Velin she has power when it comes to the men. Discovering this power, Velin changes from slave to master. Now the men will do anything to be with her. Who’s the slave now?

Their Slaves
After a year with their men, Cilla and Velin delight in the intimate encounters with Cliff, Phips, Skarn, Doc and Liam. Liam likes to watch the others have sex. He’d like to watch Velin have sex with the other men but she’s still afraid. Can she overcome her fears and satisfy all her people?

Available on KU
Combination of three stories

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