Claimed Series

His Claim
Her scent draws him to her, stirring Drake’s blood and soul to act in the old ways of domination.  Drake catches the warrior Sabine unaware as she showers in her own home.  Driven by the old instincts, he demands her submission.  Initially unwilling, Sabine submits to his demands and her own desires until he makes his claim.  Once he’s claimed her, she makes her own demands much to his delight. 

Her Claim
Drake claimed Sabine six months ago.  The claiming drew them to sensual delights neither wanted to resist. His lady, Drake can’t resist her body, her mind or her power. Her desires draw him back even as her belly grows with his child.  Boldly, she claims him, demands they be equal.  He submits to her claim eager to satisfy her every need..

Lay Claim
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Combination of two stories.

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