Dragon’s Treasure Series

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Alien invaders appear human but shape shift into a dragon. Lily doesn’t trust the aliens.  Sure they invaded and helped people but she lost her job.  Now she’s being asked to go with one of them. 

Liam sees Lily and must have her.  Many women go to the brothels but she is for him and only him.  But she doesn’t like the aliens.  

Can Liam persuade Lily to be his?  Will his sexual prowess be enough to make a connection?

Available on KU

Earth gave Jenna to the dragons as part of the Payment. Whisked away to the brothel ships, she spent five years servicing dragons. On the Dragon home world, she works in a brothel to pay for her debt but she’s tired of having dragons between her legs.

Declan Drachen didn’t like the human women used as payment. Yet he’s drawn into Jenna’s brothel. When his adversary Bacchus tries to take Jenna from him, he pays her debt and whisks her away. Can Declan convince Lily she means more to him than a sexual partner?

Dragon’s Treasure
Available on KU
Combines two stories