Public Displays Series

Tight Spaces
New in town, Brittany is working late when she takes an elevator ride with mega rich CEO Clive Eaton. The elevator gets stuck and to ease Brittany’s fears Clive distracts her by exploring all of her high slick tight spaces.

A Public Affair
Clive discovers Brittany wandering around at a local museum where his family has items on display. Unable to resist, he follows her into the women’s bathroom for a little private – or not so private – time. Despite a nearly constant flow of people, Clive helps her climax multiple times.

Cocktails for Three
Clive loves the way Brittany responds to him wherever he wants to have sex, an elevator, a bathroom stall, or the back seat of his limo with his chauffer watching every move.

Public Displays
​Available on KU
Combination of three stories

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