Slave Series

Tired of walking around with a hard on, Liam buys two women, one for his crew and one for himself. Cilla, meant to satisfy his men, is willing and eager to earn her clothes. Velin, meant for Liam, is unwilling. Can Liam persuade her?

Her Slaves
Liam taught Velin the pleasures of sexual arousal and satisfaction. She still feared the pain of being forced. An encounter with Doc teaches Velin she has power when it comes to the men. Discovering this power, Velin changes from slave to master. Now the men will do anything to be with her. Who’s the slave now?

Their Slaves
After a year with their men, Cilla and Velin delight in the intimate encounters with Cliff, Phips, Skarn, Doc and Liam. Liam likes to watch the others have sex. He’d like to watch Velin have sex with the other men but she’s still afraid. Can she overcome her fears and satisfy all her people?

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Combination of three stories

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