Stand-Alone Books & Short Stories


Captain Daniel Connelly doesn’t think eighteen year old Melanie Baker should be a courtesan on his ship. From their first encounter heat and passion flare between the two. Melanie hopes he calls on her services often. She’ll have five years to find out as her contract on Captain Connelly’s ship will keep her satisfying the crew and the grumpy captain.

Dream Lover

Gina dreams of a lover who will satisfy all her needs. After a long dry spell, she discovers not one but two men who keep her busy. During the week, her boss Mark keeps her busy with more than just work tasks. On the weekends, nondescript Barry is a dream in bed. Can she keep both her dream lovers?

Exploring Desires

Female bond mate needed!

Grady his bond mates Laven and Handel seek their bond woman. They are headed into deep space to explore but before they go, they must find the woman to fill the role of their bond mate. They seek their woman in the mating dens.


Left to live on the streets or go to the mating dens, Cloel chooses the mating dens. For seven months, she services male bond mate groups in the hope she will earn enough to buy her way out. She hates men and sex. Until Grady, Laven and Handel walk in her door.

Will Grady, Laven and Handel help Cloel discover love and safety while exploring deep space?

Genetic Match

After a long night in Borel’s bed, Anita is so sick she can barely stand.  What’s wrong with her?  When Borel and Taler show up at her ship, they have a surprise for her.  She’s pregnant!

Tozian babies are tenacious and only progress if their parents are ready for love.  Being pregnant means Anita wants sex, lots of sex, more sex than she’s ever had.  Luckily, Tozian men are aroused the entire time their female mate is pregnant.  Taler and Borel are more than happy to make her orgasm until she’s mindless. 

Can Anita go from being a loner to mother with two lovers?  What happens when someone threatens her newly formed family?

Her Captain

Sold into slavery, Selin disguises herself as a boy.  She thinks of nothing but survival.  Until her new owner buys her. 

Weldon sees a half starved boy in rags.  Taking pity on him, he buys him intending to free him to work on his ship.  He’s pleasantly surprised when he discovers a female beneath those rags.  He offers her choices.

Will Selin learn how to make good choices for herself?  What happens when Selin’s past brings the authorities?  Will she lose everything she’s gained?


Tired of his family’s demands for an heir to the family fortune, Falk goes against his beliefs and buys a woman. He wants someone who isn’t a drone. He soon discovers he wants more from Kellen than an heir. The more she demand, the more he’s willing to give her.

Sold to pay family debt, Kellen is a sex toy. She hides in the memory of her favorite places when she’s used. Until Falk buys her, he tends to her needs and discovers he enjoys their intimate moments more when she chooses. Kellen discovers sex is more than payment and pain.

Prisoner 849

Prisoners held to make babies, Dixie and Jeml survive the destruction of the space station. The aliens who capture them are short on females so they put them in a breeding program. Jeml finds her love but Dixie suffers through three men who make no connection. Her interrogator Jorge steps in as her breeding partner. Will they connect or will Dixie be sent to the brothels?


A blizzard blows Sexy Stella into Will and Ethan’s lives. Savoring the peeks they get of her body as she removes layer after layer of winter wear, the two men desire more than the little glimpses. Aroused by a little voyeurism, Will and Ethan feel the need to share Stella. Is Stella daring enough to follow through with her attraction to both gorgeous men?


Lord Fellows took his bride knowing she needed a firm hand. Lady Fellows knows she must tolerate him as a child is expected but no man has ever aroused her. Lord Fellows takes a firm hand on his new wife, gives her rules and is delighted when she willfully breaks them. She wants force and domination but won’t admit it until he makes her. She fights her own needs to defy him. Can Lord Fellows teach his lady to surrender to him and her own desires?

Too Many Men
Whisked away by aliens, Fern must choose at least three men to take as her husbands. Wading through handsome men who only want to pleasure her should be a dream but she finds it tiresome. One even tries to use force to win her over. Will she find her mates? Can her offspring help save the aliens from extinct?