Three Races Series

Three Races
A dozen men from the Drayin and Flarek races converge on Ceitre’s home and family. A hybrid of three races – human, Drayin and Flarek – Ceitre sacrifices her innocence to protect her family. In the process she discovers her own desires and sexuality.

Three Races – First Mate
A year after Ceitra stops a battle, she enters the diplomatic corps in order to escape her mother’s disapproval and seek out new lovers. Ceitra with twelve others from her planet are called to settle disputes between the Drayin and Flarek races. Bumping into a hot colonel, she discovers a man she admires who can satisfy her demands. Yet he has a secret and she holds back a truth.

Three Races – More Mates
An arrogant ambassador believes he knows better than the hybrid women. His arrogance causes an escalation which can only be stopped by a strong woman or several of them. Surrounded by the warring races, Ceitre puts her life on the line in order to find a lasting peace.

Ceitre’s Racial Relations
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Combination of three stories