Twisted Fairy Tales Series

A Wicked Witch and the Lovely Princess
Once upon a time, a wicked witch hid a beautiful princess in a castle. Princes came to free the princess while the wicked witch watched but none got passed her final challenge. Until one day a scarred and rough man barreled through the challenges to overcome the wicked witch and free the princess. He took his naughty pleasure from both women as his prize.

Big Bad Wolf Tames Red
Once upon a time Red Riding Hood ran to her grandmother’s every day. None of the men could keep up with her, she despaired at finding a man who could. One day she encounters a big bad wolf. She taunts the wolf, tells him he can’t catch her. The wolf chases her, keeps up with her and tames her to be his mate.

Eaten by the Wolf
Once upon a time Peter was a naughty boy. He liked to play pranks on the village folks. To teach him responsibility, the village elders send him to watch over the sheep. Every day, he cries wolf bringing the villagers running, until one day the wolf in all her glory tempts and teases him to keep her secret and not cry wolf any more.

Goldie and the Three Bare Brothers
Once upon a time, Goldie went into the woods for a walk. She discovers the three Bare brothers preparing to chop down her beautiful forest. In an effort to stop them, Goldie promises to have sex with them. Ted, Ned, and Ed discovers she’s not too soft, not too hard but just right.

Princess Sinora and the Seven Sensual Seductions
Once upon a time, Princess Sinora was picking flowers in the forest. Her man at arms reveals her wicked step mother’s evil plot to kill her. Princess Sin escapes into the forest. Along the way she has seven sensual encounters with the military of her kingdom. She persuades them, as only a woman can, to fight with her to overthrow the wicked queen.

Twisted Fairy Tales
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Combination of five stories