Unexpected Alliances Series

Class Reunion
First loves can haunt you. Morgan Weston returns to her class reunion to reconnect with her first love, Braden Cook. Before she commits to a man for the rest of her life, Morgan needs to find out if she can let go of the hot sex she had with Braden. She seduces him for a night of passion and steamy sex. Will she choose Braden or Zach?

Dance the Night Away
A promise drags Patricia to a new nightclub. Bored and annoyed, she dances by herself. Kevin and Matt the gorgeous owners of the club, join in her private dance. On a whim, she allows the men to take her to their private office where the three of them explore all the sensual dances.

Sibling Rivalry
Forbidden love, Justin needs to be with Sella. The problem – she’s his step-sister. Four years, Justin waited for his sexy step-sister to turn eighteen. Jealous of any boyfriends, he gave her a hard time about them. With his mom and her dad gone for two weeks, Justin plans to seduce her. Will she submit to his needs and demands? Does she have her own demands?

Unexpected Aliances
Available on KU
Combination of three stories

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